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The SS Videos Website is your one stop place to find and watch tutorial videos for the studio mulitrack recording programs SawStudio and Midi Workshop. There are over 50 videos of Sawstudio and Midi Workshop here and others to help you learn these programs FAST! Also SAC users can learn from these videos. There are also many Shades here to change the look of SawStudio, Midi WorkShop and Plug-ins. ENJOY!

SAW stands for Software Audio Workstation. SawStudio is coded in machine language by one man Bob Lentini.

Want to see a SawStudio Mixer Channel? Click Here

Watch these videos in 720HD Full Screen

VIEWS: Learn the SawStudio and Midi WorkShop interface.
MENUS: Learn the SawStudio and Midi WorkShop menus.
RECORD IN THE MT: Learn how to setup your soundcard, rec, use VST's, edit and much more.
RECORD IN MWS: Learn how to setup midi devices, edit, rec, use VST's, convert midi to audio and more.
MIX/MIXDOWN: Learn how to use automation, sends, effects, softedge, mixdown and more.
SAWSTUDIO DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS: See SawStudio in action with Bob Lentini at the controls.
NEW VIDEOS: Here you can find my latest videos.

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